I have been drawing, painting and crafting items for as long as I can remember. I grew up on an island off the coast of Maine. The art piece called “Home Port” is based on a photograph and memories of the lighthouse just past the harbor where my Dad still lives.

I have been experimenting with quilting since high school. Now I create my own designs aided by the education I recieved at New England School of Art as a graphic design student.

After learning about the technique called colorwash, called watercolor here in the states, I began “painting” landscapes with fabric. Some of my art work is based on photographs while others are wholly from my imagination with an occasional combination of idea sources. Another technique I employ is called snippets. This particular style allows the formation of a deeper dimensional and detailed effect for the art piece.

I love the creative process of a vision in my head to paper then finding the fabric that will translate that idea into a finished piece. Sometimes the start of a new project is actually a particular fabric I have found that inspires new avenues to try. I enjoy every step in the process that transpires to create each piece from drawing, pattern drafting, fabric selection, piecing the design together, completing the final step by hand quilting (or occaisionally by machine) and sometimes embellishing with beads, tulle or other items.

I have finally created a email account so you can contact me with comments or questions at CJ Dow Studio at gmail dot com (no spaces).

I Look forward to hearing from anyone.