A World in Harmony

This was my first attempt at a quilt with the snippets technique.The quilt is based on an idea I had for a quilt design to place behind a large dream catcher I had previously made. I used a postcard I … Continued

Homeport – Bass Harbor

This was my second snippet technique quilt and the design was based on an old calendar photograph taken of Bass Harbor, Maine by Bob Hylander. My stepmom found this old photo in the attic at Dad’s and gave it to … Continued

Color Palette of Spring

The design for this quilt came from a landscape painting on a calendar from the artist Glenn Smith. I sketched out a quick cluster of colors to layout in the watercolor style of quilting, concentrating on the floral patterns with … Continued

Ocean Flow

This quilt design was created after seeing the fabric which I ended up using for the border. I was always mesmerized by the changing colors of the Atlantic Ocean growing up on an island off the coast of Maine and … Continued

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